Monday, 22 July 2013

G&G BT2 Brown

Hello! Today I prepared for you a circle lens review of my new favourite lenses.
These lenses were kindly sponsored by kpop2, thank you very much! The shipping was really fast, it came here to Czech republic from Korean in 8 days. The kpop2 staff is very lovely, I highly recommend you to check this site out. You can find there genuine korean lenses from such brand as Neo or G&G from 10$!

Basic information
DIA: 14.0mm 
Moisture content:  38% 
Base curve: 8.6
Duration of use: 6 months or more 
Graphic diameter: 13.6mm
 Manufacturer: G&G 
Place of origin : KOREA 
 Frequency range : 0.00 to -10.00 
Astigmatic / possible

You can find these lenses here.

DESIGN & COLOR ★★★★ : 
These are THE MOST natural pair of lenses I've ever own. I was searching for pair like this for AGES and finally, I found them. I can't describe properly the design, but they're beautiful three colored light brown lenses with hint of green. They have soft black rimbal ring, just like the real eye. 
The CLOSE UP unfortunately is not my eyes, but I can assure you that they're 100% similar to the promo picture.

My close up - window light

COMFORT ★★★★ ★ : 
They pretty much comfortable, even more than GEO lenses, which are my favouirte in the case of the comfort. I don't know why, these doesn't look thinner than GEO lenses and the water content is the same. *magic*

These lenses are not mean to be for eye enlarging, so with the basic 14.00mm is quite satisfying for me.

Normal light

OVERALL ★★★★ ★ :

I absolutely love these lenses ajkdl;lklsjdls 
In the genereal, I don't dislike any lenses, but these are really my favouirte. I prefer natural looking lenses instead of alienish big ones, so these are my number #1.
If you are searching for pair of comfortable, natural lenses which will enhance your natural eye color, this is must!

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

My Jun beauty haul

This is just part of my haul, respectively just beauty part. I didn't buy that much, because as you know, I was in UK and basically, all my money went to shopping for clothing. 

Estée Lauder Signature lipstick, Dior show Waterproof eyeliner and Clinique 3 step kit I bought in Duty Free when I hadn't to do anything so I was bored. I don't regret it though.
The Dr. Jart BB cream and Etude House volumer I bought thanks to Petit's recommendation and I really love them. The volumer I didn't have time to try it much because it's quite humind weather here and my face would be oily after like 10 seconds after applying it. With the Lioele auto eyebrow pencil that's my complete Jun Cosmetic Love order. 

The Dr. Jart BB silver label BB cream, Etude House Nymp Aura Volumer - part of my cosmetic-love order

My 3 step kit. If you would be interested, just for your information that its name isn't as I said, but some long ass name like korean BB creams, so I didn't write it down. 
I really like this set, it cleared my skin imperfections and my skin looks healthier and shinier with it. If you have acne prone skin like me (+ oily) I highly recommend it.

and lastly - Fairy Drops AKB48 set! To say the truth, I wasn't even planning on buying this, it was really passionate decision when I was browsing through ebay japanese cosmetic seller and saw this kit for awesomely low price. It was last piece of this so I had to have it! 
(unfortunately, today I was browsing through some other sellers item and saw that she still have 7pieces of this set. - I don't regret it still)

I wanted to buy the Fairy Drops BB cream for some time already, but I wasn't sure if it's worth it. In the end I waited and woala ~ I have a bundle of 3 with the nearly same price as for BB cream. *patience worths it*
Btw.: I don't want to do any kinds of advertisement, but through the ebay seller I bought this bundle - Alphabeautyuk was really EXCELENT service. I sent her an email and she replied 10 minutes after I sent it. And the package came here after 6 day. Really fast, I thought it might come after like 10 days or more. I read some negative comments on this seller, but I truly don't believe them.

Yes, that's the end of my beauty haul. I don't know if I should post my clothing haul too, because this month I bought quite a lot. I mean, REALLY A LOT.
 should I?