Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fynale J15

Hello sweeties :) this is my probably last post before I'll go to Spain this Friday
with flash
2 days ago I finally got my pair of circle lenses kindly sponsored by Apple of Your Eyes .
Though here was some problems, I finally had chance to write a review :] (it was really horrible - customs took my parcel and I had to go there and do this and this... well, long story, but in few simple words that's mean Czech post laws are ****   

 But Apple of Your Eyes were really kind and help me with this 
(★★★★ ★ for their professional work with customers)

I have decided to keep my lens reviews nice and accurate, so probably from now every review post will be spammed with my camhoe photos ♥

  I really love this lenses though they don't look very
 natural ♥ They're from quite young and not so known brand Fynale.

 DESIGN: ★★★★★
This design of lenses is really unusual and unique (well, maybe I saw few similar before) but it's really beautiful. It resembles flower petals, which was probably the main inspiration in this design. Even though those lenses don't look natural and probably are not wearable daily, I love those.

Sorry for those annoying hair D:

Well, they diameter should be 15mm, but I found their enlarging effect about 14,5mm maybe?
I usually wear lenses with these diameters (14mm, 14,2mm, 14,5mm...) so I was a little bit disappointed. But I think they're enlarge well, maybe that light colour make them so optically smaller than dark lenses with these diameters.

COLOUR: ★★★★☆
  On a  demonstration photos these lenses look bright, really a lot brighter. But I heard that Fynale brand often exaggerates true color of their lenses. When I saw their photo I thought like "omg I'll wear them on Halloween" or something like that, but in the end, they're not so scary as on demonstration pictures. Yes, they're opaque and bright and I like that (≧ω≦)b I think they're opaque enough to being seen from 5m far and know that your eyes are lighter than usual. Colour is not very natural, so I recommend to wear them when you want your eyes to pop! (o・∀・)

Normal lighting
Yellow lighting

OVERALL: ★★★ ★ ☆:  
I DO really like these lenses, they're pretty and super comfortable! (≧ω≦)b
water contect 55%!! They're the most comfortable lenses I've ever wore, I didn't feel them at all (I wore them 7hours) that I was sometimes scared if they didn't fell out or so XD 
I recommend to wear them with a make up, because without mu you will probably look a little bit creepy (◉△◉)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Japan Barbie Eye Black

As I promised yesterday, I prepared for you new circle lens review! I't's (Japan) Barbie Eye Black with diameter 15,8mm, base curve 8,6 and water contect 48% (what I think it's pretty nice, I'm wearing them at the moment from 10am till now I don't feel them at all and my eyes aren't even dry a bit)
As I said, I think they are really HUGE, so without make up they can look creepy. When I put them on for the first time, (with make up) I thought "Omg they are so big! They will surely look weird on me" So I take them of and wear pair of GEO bc-102 (I was on my way to the dentist) 
  But when I came back, I decided to put them on again and do review for you. This time I didn't think they are creepy anymore and add a little bit more mascara and brown eye pencil (sorry, I don't use false lashes very often)
I was surprised how dolly I look now.

bottles of them (look at their design)

natural lightning

with flash/strong light
(for being honest, I didn't use flash at all, I was just too close to the window)

DESIGN: ★★★★☆ : I like the design, it blend with my eyes so naturally! I think these black lenses are more suitable for people with dark eyes like me because my natural eyes color show a little bit so lenses can blend well.

COLOUR: ★★★★ ★:  Well, it's black. I can't say more, you can see.

ENLARGEMENT: ★★★★ ★: THEY'RE HUGE!! I said it already xxxxx times, but I don't mind because it's true. They are really big, so they can scare some people. But they gives you super 100% dolly look so if you are searching for a pair of lenses what will make you super kawaiiiii I recommend this pair. I usually prefer smaller diameter, but these give me so cute dolly look!

OVERALL: ★★★ ★ ☆: I give them 4 stars because they have really everything I look for: they are comfortable (that's my main interest), have quite natural design and enlarge well, give dolly look. -1 star was for too much big enlargement, but who knows, maybe there are people who search for that.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

CoCo Eye Lemon 4tone

(Updated on 1st Jun 2013)

Hello! I was browsing few old post, and I've never expected to find something so horrible written as this one. *facepalm*
excuse me, sorry

This pair of lenses were my most loved greys what I've ever had, but probably I won't repurchase it anymore. Do you want why? Then just keep reading :)

Basic information

Center Thickness:0.01mm
Base Curve:8.6mm
Water Content:42%
Color Range:Brown/
Prescription Range:0-800 (Plano only for Green)
Life Span:Yearly

As you can see, they're 4 tone - they're mixed from brown, blue,yellow and grey color. They blends with pupil quite well and with their bigger diameter they make beautiful hallo effect which I do really love 

I mean, that's really big - I rarely wear lenses this big. I like lenses around 14.2mm - 14.5mm though they're that big, I like them because they provide nice halo effect. I didn't feel any discomfort also.

I usually don't have any problems with bigger circle lenses, and I didn't feel these at all. Probably of higher water content (42%) these lenses are really thin, so it may be a little bit tricky to put them on.

These are awesomely comfortable lenses, which provide you dreamy dolly look. Can't be weared without make up though. If you love unique halo lenses look go for these :)
I liked these also, but I won't be repurchasing them because I'm into another style now :) but who knows....