Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Frozen inspired make up tutorial X collaboration with junjun.ca

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Yeah, I know, Christmas have already passed by the time I post this, but well.. whatever.
With lovely Junjun we teamed up and made you this wonderful collaboration on Frozen inspired make up tutorial.

Originally, I got the Anna's make up, but after seeing the result.. well. I hope you can see the resemblance here a little bit at least. (I feel like the biggest lazy ass in the world with my half assed work instead of Angel Junjun's tutorial)
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, please don't forgot to check lovely Junjun's site for the tutorial for Elsa! 

things used

other full face photos

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!! ♥   

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Geo Super Angel XCM215

Hello!As you can see, I changed the url of my blog recently, which made my traffics to be less than usual, but I hope soon I will be able to catch it up.
Today I have for you a circle lens review of GEO XCM215 aka Geo Super Angel Grey. These lenses are bigger version of bestsellers Geo CM835. These were provided by UNIQSO, thank you very much! Originally, I was sent these lenses like 4 months ago, but I absolutely forget about them after I made an eye make up tutorial which is >here< If you would check it up, I would be very happy, thank you !

Basic information

Diameter: 14.8mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6mm
Replacement period: 12 months

I made a eye make up tutorial with these lenses - please check it out!

Like most grey lenses, these also have blueish tint, so sometimes they appear more blue than grey to me.  I'm not really fan of the design, because I generally don't wear unnatural lenses for these few months already, but if you want dolly look, go for them. They have really thick limbal ring which does really define your eyes and grab attention. I love using these lenses when I want to look dolly, or more gyaru-looking like, but unfortunately it doesn't happen too often :( 

These lenses are HUGE. I mean, it's 14.8mm after all. They will surely bring you that "dolly look"but I wouldn't go with these on everyday basis. But overally I love the enlargement they give, your face looks absolutely different than without them. Heavy eye make up is must. (unless you already have huge eyes like anime person or want to scare shit out of your boyfriend)

Though Geo lenses aren't really my most favourite lenses, because of my dry eye syndrom, these were a lot more comfortable than my  Geo tri-color CM903 & CM905. I was wearing them in the summer, when I was working in maid cafe, and aproximately I had them 9-11 hours on. (yeah, I know it's not healthy, but it lasted just for 3days, so I guess it's acceptable)

I give it just 4 stars, because they're really not one of my favourite lenses ever. I DO think those are really pretty and comfortable, but well... personal preferences. If you like this kind of design and want to make your eyes pop, with these you can't go wrong. They are really lovely (for example for cosplaying or if you eant to archieve gyaru look). 

That's all for today :) thank you for reading my review, and don't forget to check UNIQSO for more information!