Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sweet Dolly gyaru inspired eye make up tutorial

Hi! About week ago a lovely follower asked me to make a gyaru inspired make up tutorial
I was quite bored at home, and after reading about 20x Popteen magazines I decided to make it. This tutorial was more or less inspired by the Kumicky - she's so fricking pretty that I must cry *cries* 
I noticed that a lot of japanese girls do a "aegyo" thing, and I find it pretty interesting to try it for once. It's really make your eyes bigger and look sweeter. (the whole new dimension to the eye make up)
Yeah, I tried to include the "smiling eyes" look into this tutorial, but you're welcome to try the tutorial even if you don't have/want aegyo. 
I tried extend the eye and gives make it bigger so I placed falsies a little bit over an upper lashline and "push" them down for droopier effect like Rina Sakurai (if you don't get it, scroll down and you will see better) To say the truth, I don't know If the "cute" look suits me at all, because the most of time I look like hobo (lol~) and to make myself somehow presentable needs too much effort. Yeah, I'm an on-last-minute girl who needs only one eyeshadow and mascara *regret nothing* Hope you like it!

The result
before & after

Let's start!
Products used (which might interest you)
Geo Xtra Angel grey 14.8mm
Diamond Lash Little Wink upper lashes

And little bonus... I was bored afterward and wanted to try something new, so from this simple look - Rina Sakurai! tada~
Basically only things I did were drawing bottom lashes on and coating mascara

if you wish me to do a tutorial on this look, please write! ♡ I'd love to!

 I hope you liked it! If yes, please leave a comment - I love reading them! Thank you!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Geo Tri-color violet

Hello! Finally as promised I have a review of Geo Tri-color violet (CM-905) which were provided by the Uniqso, thank you very much! They also included a pair of freebie so stay tuned for another review of circle lenses.
Basic information

Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period:12 months

You can find those pair of lenses under a lot of different names, like Angel Color World serie (Geo for Japan), Geo Tri-Tone, Geo Berry Cessy etc.. basically is it the same (CM-905)
Ok and advertised by famous Yuki Yamamoto 

These lenses look pretty natural, which is their main purpose lol. I really like how the design blends quite well with my eyes and dramatically changes the color. The color is quite vibrant, and unlike any other violet circle lenses they do not have the blueish/pinkish/greyish hue and they stay true light dreamy violet color. The design is consisted of 3 main colors - dark purple on the outer, light violet in the middle and yellow around the iris which it makes easier to blend with brown eyes. 

With the enlargement of 14.2mm it's not supposed for enlarging eye, so it does enlarge just a little bit. I'm satisfied with enlargement, it makes possible to wear less make up/no make up and not look like frog (lenses 14.5mm+)
with lens vs without lens

I can't say why because I don't know, but when I wore them first time, they were pretty much uncomfortable and gave that "dry onto eyeball sticking" feeling, but after 2 another wears with eye drops they're ok now. ( I use them daily for about month now) now I can wear them about 4 hours without eye drops. 

window light vs flash - I'm sorry for irritated eye

OVERALL ★★★★ :
I quite like these lenses, they look pretty natural and the pretty violet color somehow gives you dreamy fairy look depends on your make up. I love wearing these lenses with soft pastel make up (pink eyeshadows, brown eyeliner/mascara & nude lips) But to say the truth, WHO has naturally violet eyes? (Ok, maybe except Elizabeth Taylor, but she's not human, she's goddess)