Saturday, 25 May 2013

My May cosmetic haul

Hello :) This is actually my first haul post ever, and probably not the last one. Finally, after some time I went shopping for cosmetic (spring home tidying - I realized that I don't have too much cosmetics, and some of my eyeliners and mascaras were already dried up some times ago)
Also my order from Cosmetic Love had finally arrived so I am quite happy! I ordered new BB cream because my HG Skin79 Gold plus was already empty, finishing powder and TonyMoly Chu liptint. If you have been following me some time, you probably know that I LOVE liptints, especially Tony Moly ones ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
 So let's go to see my haul ●ᴥ●

From left to right

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream
Tony Moly Luminous Perfume face powder
L'oreal Infallible 24h gel liner
Tony Moly Cat Chu liptint in Pink
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h in Timeless Black
Maybelline theRocket mascara

As you can see, I don't really buy things often, just things I do really need <`∀´> 

Things I bought a little bit closely:
(by the way, I am sorry for unedited photos - I just got my computer repaired, so I will need to install some programs later)

Tony Moly Luminous Face powder~ 

Some time ago I saw it on Poppy's site and I was pretty excited about it. It sounded like a powder I am searching for ages. The packaging is really girly and pretty, so I must have it!

Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream

After running out of my HG BB cream, I decided to try this one, because it looks really promising, and in difference to other BB creams, this one doesn't have grey cast. It has nice glowy/dewy finish and recently I am in love with korean glowy skin, I didn't think long about buying it.

L'oreal infallible 24h gel liner

This is my new HG liner. I love this gel liner a lot. Originally I planned to buy the Maybelline or Lioele one, but after all I went to nearest drugstore and bought this one just because I was too lazy to buy Lioele online and Maybelline gel liner was more expensive than this one lol. I didn't know that time that I will love this eyeliner this much. Even with popular bloggers and youtubers is this eyeliner praised a lot.

Yes, and this is the rest of the haul ʘ‿ʘ I'm not sure if this should be mention too, because I'm sure that everybody know about these already. I really like the Maybelline, but to say the truth, if this mascara and gel eyeshadow wouldn't be in set that costs even less than 1/2 of their price for both, I'm not sure If I would but it lol. The tint I bought is pink one, because I have already own the red version of it. I'd like to try more natural gradient lips what I wear every day.

That's probably all what I can say about it :) I'm not really a person who go shopping a lot, so these haul post won't be every month (maybe) I'm quite satisfied with these things and if you would like me to do a review of something from this, you can always write down under this post  ಠ_ಠ Seriously guys, don't be shy.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CiCi Vision Dorothy grey

My 5-days long holiday has just started, so I decided to make a little review post, though I just did a review few days ago on Neo Cosme Glamour 3 tone Honey
This is my first time wearing lens from CiCi vision company, but I felt in love with them instantly.
CiCi vision is a chinese colored contact lens company, but except from China is not very popular in the world.
I was quite skeptical to chinese contact lenses, because surely everyone is aware of fakes of lenses from China, but after trying those I'm not so scraed of them as before. (Btw, these lenses are made in Korea, so you don't have to worry about your eye-health ^_^)

Center Thickness:0.07mm
Base Curve:8.5mm
Water Content:38%
Color Range: Black/Brown/Gray/Blue/Pink/Chocolate
Prescription Range:0-800
Life Span:Yearly

They came in really pretty packaging (safe). I love that sweet pinky color

DESIGN ★★★★ : 
I really like this design. It's quite unique - I've never seen any circle lenses with the similar design. They look like a mix of Geo Super Nudy and Angel lenses. They have thick black outline ring like nudys to make eyes appear bigger and dolly looking.

They're really comfortable, I didn't feel a thing. Just sometimes after putting them in the eye, they feel a little bit itchy, but that maybe because I am often in hurry when putting them on, so I don't wash my hands from the soap properly. I can wear them on for more than 10hours without feeling them. After that period of time, my eyes become a little bit tired and dry. 

COLOR ★★☆:
They should supposed to look grey, I was waiting for a LOVELY grey color but.... they seems more like ugly, pale blue color. More like washed 1000 years old pair of jeans everyone have own but never throw out. I still like them, though the color is not what I wished for. They're still pretty blueish dolly looking pair of lenses.

They do enlarge pretty much. Though the company has written that they're 17.2mm, NEVER take those diametres too seriously. Sometimes, they just overrated them. (I can't understand this - do companies think "BIGGER IS BETTER?") hell no. We need to see a white space too. I can't understand how could diametres like 20mm even exist? That's not cute anymore, it's more likely scary unless you are cosplayer who is cosplaying a character with extremely wide eyes.
Those are more like 14.5mm - 15mm. They're perfect for me, because I think this enlargement is ideal 

I absolutely love these, because they're so pretty and ideal for everyday wearing with a little bit make up. Comfort of these lenses is awesome too, though they have just usual water content. Without make up, you can look a little bit weird, because they would make you look like frog. (that's a rule for every lenses with bigger diameter) Minus star is for not-really-grey color, which is a little bit dissapointing, but I'm not keen on colors like advertised, so I don't mind it very much.