Thursday, 2 August 2012

CoCo Eye Lemon 4tone

(Updated on 1st Jun 2013)

Hello! I was browsing few old post, and I've never expected to find something so horrible written as this one. *facepalm*
excuse me, sorry

This pair of lenses were my most loved greys what I've ever had, but probably I won't repurchase it anymore. Do you want why? Then just keep reading :)

Basic information

Center Thickness:0.01mm
Base Curve:8.6mm
Water Content:42%
Color Range:Brown/
Prescription Range:0-800 (Plano only for Green)
Life Span:Yearly

As you can see, they're 4 tone - they're mixed from brown, blue,yellow and grey color. They blends with pupil quite well and with their bigger diameter they make beautiful hallo effect which I do really love 

I mean, that's really big - I rarely wear lenses this big. I like lenses around 14.2mm - 14.5mm though they're that big, I like them because they provide nice halo effect. I didn't feel any discomfort also.

I usually don't have any problems with bigger circle lenses, and I didn't feel these at all. Probably of higher water content (42%) these lenses are really thin, so it may be a little bit tricky to put them on.

These are awesomely comfortable lenses, which provide you dreamy dolly look. Can't be weared without make up though. If you love unique halo lenses look go for these :)
I liked these also, but I won't be repurchasing them because I'm into another style now :) but who knows....


  1. Lovely lenses, looks very unique and sparkly!! makes you look even more pretty ^^

    Great review!!

    Love Emi ^^

    1. At the moment they are my most favourite lenses :) <3 Thanks ^____^

  2. Replies
    1. From my local seller here: but I'm sure you will find them somewhere else too :) ❤