Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CiCi Vision Dorothy grey

My 5-days long holiday has just started, so I decided to make a little review post, though I just did a review few days ago on Neo Cosme Glamour 3 tone Honey
This is my first time wearing lens from CiCi vision company, but I felt in love with them instantly.
CiCi vision is a chinese colored contact lens company, but except from China is not very popular in the world.
I was quite skeptical to chinese contact lenses, because surely everyone is aware of fakes of lenses from China, but after trying those I'm not so scraed of them as before. (Btw, these lenses are made in Korea, so you don't have to worry about your eye-health ^_^)

Center Thickness:0.07mm
Base Curve:8.5mm
Water Content:38%
Color Range: Black/Brown/Gray/Blue/Pink/Chocolate
Prescription Range:0-800
Life Span:Yearly

They came in really pretty packaging (safe). I love that sweet pinky color

DESIGN ★★★★ : 
I really like this design. It's quite unique - I've never seen any circle lenses with the similar design. They look like a mix of Geo Super Nudy and Angel lenses. They have thick black outline ring like nudys to make eyes appear bigger and dolly looking.

They're really comfortable, I didn't feel a thing. Just sometimes after putting them in the eye, they feel a little bit itchy, but that maybe because I am often in hurry when putting them on, so I don't wash my hands from the soap properly. I can wear them on for more than 10hours without feeling them. After that period of time, my eyes become a little bit tired and dry. 

COLOR ★★☆:
They should supposed to look grey, I was waiting for a LOVELY grey color but.... they seems more like ugly, pale blue color. More like washed 1000 years old pair of jeans everyone have own but never throw out. I still like them, though the color is not what I wished for. They're still pretty blueish dolly looking pair of lenses.

They do enlarge pretty much. Though the company has written that they're 17.2mm, NEVER take those diametres too seriously. Sometimes, they just overrated them. (I can't understand this - do companies think "BIGGER IS BETTER?") hell no. We need to see a white space too. I can't understand how could diametres like 20mm even exist? That's not cute anymore, it's more likely scary unless you are cosplayer who is cosplaying a character with extremely wide eyes.
Those are more like 14.5mm - 15mm. They're perfect for me, because I think this enlargement is ideal 

I absolutely love these, because they're so pretty and ideal for everyday wearing with a little bit make up. Comfort of these lenses is awesome too, though they have just usual water content. Without make up, you can look a little bit weird, because they would make you look like frog. (that's a rule for every lenses with bigger diameter) Minus star is for not-really-grey color, which is a little bit dissapointing, but I'm not keen on colors like advertised, so I don't mind it very much. 


  1. Oh that lens looks really cute on you. Are really big to me!

  2. That case is really pretty.
    That lens looks really natural on you

  3. They look gorgeous and blend in so well!
    They're very dark for gray lenses though. o:
    And you look so pretty, I love your eye makeup! ^_^

  4. it looks so natural on you <3

  5. These lenses look so cute on you ♥ First, I was shocked because of the 17.2mm but after I read about the enlargement and saw your pics I thought they're really pretty and not alien like at all ^~^ These lenses really look like 14.5 mm like you said :) I think I'm a really big fan from you now ♥ haha~

  6. The lenses look great on you! You're so pretty :)
    Never heard of this brand before. After your review I might consider looking into this brand.
    Great review :)

  7. Yes, they are! They look really more like dark blue color what's a little bit dissapointing Q_Q thank you! ♥

  8. Yes, to say the truth I even didn't read its diameter when I was buying them - I just though "they're so pretty, I must have them!" In the end I wasn't dissapointed because this diameter is ideal for me :) thank you! ♥

  9. Thank you! ^_^ They're not very popular, you have to search on chinese websites(even I don't have a clue how did I found them) ♥

  10. Thank you! ♥ I will surely join :)

  11. Aw you're so cute!~ These lenses look soo nice on you <3 I just found your blog today, and I'm a new follower ; u ; mind if you follow back?

  12. Maria dolores Lopez godoy4 May 2013 at 00:47

    Your style is wonderful. I love your look. Kisses and hugs.

  13. Hi Mina! ^^ I nominated your awesome blog for Liebster award :) I hope you check it! ^^ I love your blog :)

  14. Thank you seeetie, I'll surely check ^_^