Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ayumi Seto inspired make up tutorial

After coming back home from England I fell drop dead on the bed and slept till 3pm next day. Well yeah, I am quite a...lazy ass. (unfortunately it was Monday so I skipped the classes - 6hours of doing absolutely nothing which I don't even regret)
I skipped classes even yesterday (Thursday) and because I didn't have anything to do, I played a bit with make up and made a make up tutorial inspired by Ayumi Seto. I think everyone knows who is she, so I won't be writing it down. I LOOVE her and with Yura and Amo they're my favourite models in the japanese fashion magazine Zipper.

Basically that's my daily make up except blush + dark lip color. This is my first Eye make tutorial so bear with mistakes and etc please.
I hope you will like it and if you want any make up tutorials in the future, don't hesistate and write it down in the comments.
(eyeshadows A B C D and E can be viewed under the tutorial!) 

Apply pink blush on cheeks and put on dark lipstick and you're


(optional: you can put on half lashes about 2 or 3mm over your lashline for "cat" look)

Eyeshadows needed for this look 

 All things used 

Dr. Jart Silver Label BB cream
Tony Moly Luminous Perfume face powder
Garnier Dark circle perfector concealer
Geo Grang Grang choco 14.2mm circle lenses
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Maybelline theROCKET mascara
Maybelline 24h color tattoo 'Timeless Black'
Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner
Sleek pallete áu naturel'
Borjouis trio eyeshadows
Sephora blush
Lioele *2 auto eyebrow pencil
Maybelline liquid lipstick
TonyMoly Cat Chu tint
Coca Cola lip smacker 



  1. Thanks for this eye make-up tutorial! what's the name of your eyeshadow palette? :D I think you did it well for the first time :3 I really like both of them too they're so cute *-*

    Btw, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :D It would be really awesome if you'd post random facts about you too :3 I'm really interested in it haha :D Here's the link c:

  2. Oh sorry I dind't include those palletes *dumbhead I am* it's Sleek Pallete in Au Naturel and the other trio is from Borjouis :) thank you very much, I will do the post when I will find a time ^^ *hopefully soon*

  3. great job on the make up tutorial! your eyes came out so nice~ looveee it <3 just started following you blog btw~ i'll be looking forward to more posts.

    xoxo Sarah
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  4. Your eyes are so gorgeous and big! I got the lighter Grang Grang lenses a while back, but seeing more and more of the darker one makes me want to get it next!

  5. So jealous of how big your crease is > u < You're really gorgeous, I loved this tutorial!!

  6. AHH i love this look! So simple

    Karen xx

  7. I love how you detailed to achieve this makeup look. <3 It looks really good! I'm going to give it ago one of these days :D
    Oh I nominated you for the liester award so check it out here -

    -Miss Sennnaa

  8. well, thank you! <3 Originally I wanted the lighter version, but I was afraid that it won't really suits my dark hair, so I chose the darker for sure :) these choco are really awesome and look lovely! I highly reccomend you to get them :)

  9. it's quite simple, but try it for sure! <3 thank you for nominating, I'll do this when I will have time :) I hope it will be soon

  10. I loved the tutorial! It's so easy to follow.
    Looking forward to more tutorials from you!

  11. Thank you verz much! <3 I'll try hard :)