Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sweet Dolly gyaru inspired eye make up tutorial

Hi! About week ago a lovely follower asked me to make a gyaru inspired make up tutorial
I was quite bored at home, and after reading about 20x Popteen magazines I decided to make it. This tutorial was more or less inspired by the Kumicky - she's so fricking pretty that I must cry *cries* 
I noticed that a lot of japanese girls do a "aegyo" thing, and I find it pretty interesting to try it for once. It's really make your eyes bigger and look sweeter. (the whole new dimension to the eye make up)
Yeah, I tried to include the "smiling eyes" look into this tutorial, but you're welcome to try the tutorial even if you don't have/want aegyo. 
I tried extend the eye and gives make it bigger so I placed falsies a little bit over an upper lashline and "push" them down for droopier effect like Rina Sakurai (if you don't get it, scroll down and you will see better) To say the truth, I don't know If the "cute" look suits me at all, because the most of time I look like hobo (lol~) and to make myself somehow presentable needs too much effort. Yeah, I'm an on-last-minute girl who needs only one eyeshadow and mascara *regret nothing* Hope you like it!

The result
before & after

Let's start!
Products used (which might interest you)
Geo Xtra Angel grey 14.8mm
Diamond Lash Little Wink upper lashes

And little bonus... I was bored afterward and wanted to try something new, so from this simple look - Rina Sakurai! tada~
Basically only things I did were drawing bottom lashes on and coating mascara

if you wish me to do a tutorial on this look, please write! ♡ I'd love to!

 I hope you liked it! If yes, please leave a comment - I love reading them! Thank you!


  1. Wow!! You're soooo pretty <3 I've always admired gyarus, but I can't pull it off myself because it doesn't look right on me qq Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I'm trying this out!! THANKS


  3. you're so pretty omg. Also great if I could pull this off I totally would. :)

    -dominique xx

  4. Aww I am not but thank you QAQ <3I'm sure it would really suits you too!

  5. Aww thank you, you're such a sweetheart QAQ <3 I'm sure anybody could pull this look off :)*

  6. omg you look so pretty :3

  7. you are so gorgeous! love how the way you did your eye-makeup in this tutorial, thank you for sharing! Looking forward to your upcoming posts ♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products like Dollywink, Diamond Beauty, etc! )

  8. wahh!!! Your really pretty and your eyes are asdfghjkl
    so jelly!!!!
    check out my blog maybe please?

  9. you look amazing! i do my eye make pretty similar to yours! cept i like to use crazier eyelashes and draw my eyeliner out a bit further.

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog

  10. Oh thank you very much! It's not like I draw the line short, to say the truth it's pretty much longer than it does look lol. I have eyes too wide apart so it does look like this from front *cries* ヽ(⇡▽⇡)ノ I love reading your blog, I've never though you will ever comment me adsjkls ♡

  11. Very pretty eye look! The lenses look really great on you , love the look with the eyelashses! keep in touch

    Joyce @

  12. wow! really impressed with your eye mu! u look really kawaii :) i wish i know how to stick on falsies!


  13. lol i dont think your eyes are too wide apart, looks good to me! i should try drawing my line down more like yours and not flick it up so much. i have a habit of drawing crappy lines and making it thicker, longer, and higher =__=;;

    ... and i follow your blog! ive been really busy though so i haven't had a chance to comment on blogs lately~ but im trying >.<

  14. Lovely you! amazing gyaru <3
    From where do you get your circle lenses?
    I love to buy mine from /uniqso.; but eye candys is these days getting my attention :D

  15. Thank you very much! These lenses are also from UNIQSO, I have bought about 60% of my all lenses from here - but EyeCandys is also a good site if you wish to purchase genuine japanese lenses for affordable prices! :) hope I helped! <3

  16. Have you ever bought from Eyecandy? I always buy from Uniqso; its just this that i wanted to try a new place :D Otherwise i am 100% satisfied with their service and I so much love Lee LEe. She provides sweetest customer service on earth :)
    btw are you wearing geo super angel grey; right?

  17. Yes, I have bought there once :) though the shipping time is a little bit longer than Uniqso, it's free :) I love her too, she's such lovely heart! :) I got these lenses sponsored by Uniqso, and yes, these are Geo super Angel grey :)

  18. Oh shipping does matter. I once got my package from Uniqso in a week. That was FAST! usually i receive in 10-12 days. Halloween is approaching so i should better stay glued with Uniqso :)

    I just checked eyecandy and feel that their site is a bit complex; like its not as simple and clear like Uniqso. but their models are pretty :D

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