Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Frozen inspired make up tutorial X collaboration with junjun.ca

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Yeah, I know, Christmas have already passed by the time I post this, but well.. whatever.
With lovely Junjun we teamed up and made you this wonderful collaboration on Frozen inspired make up tutorial.

Originally, I got the Anna's make up, but after seeing the result.. well. I hope you can see the resemblance here a little bit at least. (I feel like the biggest lazy ass in the world with my half assed work instead of Angel Junjun's tutorial)
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, please don't forgot to check lovely Junjun's site for the tutorial for Elsa! 

things used

other full face photos

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!! ♥   


  1. beautiful look! I haven't watched the movie frozen but I'd love to watch it! I am a fan of disney princesses ^^

  2. Love your look! >u<
    Your eyes are so beautiful! *A*
    Looking gorgeous, as usual! c:

  3. Aww thank you! C: no, you more! xxx

  4. Aww, you look so lovely here Mina ^_^
    I like the natural lashes you chose - they look great! The whole look overall is really wearable~
    I haven't watched Frozen yet, but it's on my list.