Friday, 31 January 2014

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I was planning on writing this post from 31th December last year already, but i was always queing it, because actually - i was (and still I am) unsure about what should I write. So yeah, the new lunar year is a good excuse with my lazyness too.
This blog is more than year old now and with my 170+ followers which support me in writing I am happier than I had even imagined when I was starting it. Personally, I actually hate(?) being too personal, but I also dislike to being not at least a little bit personal with posts - because that's what I think it's not really blogging. Just doing reviews, gaining desperately followers and do giveaways is not really my cup of coffee. 
Unfortunately, I've seen like bilion of blogs like this and I'm not saying my blog isn't (wasn't) the same.
So yeah, you can guess my the most important blogger-being resolution.

"Actually start to really "blog"."

I will try to limit so-mainstream filling blog posts (to me) like reviewing cosmetics, lenses, toilet paper or whatever and ranting about irrelevant things. 
I decided to not delete old review post, but they're not called "review" anymore. I will try to find more interesting topics to write about, and recently I got the new camera for birthday, so hopefully I will post a lot of photo posts too! 


Anyway, just to not only talk about my blogging "carrier" I think I should add my resolution for the real life too. 
So yeah, there is it:

1. Be more sociable.
This year I started kind of nicely and I stopped sitting all my day on the internet and actually went out. I literally found a new undiscovered world full of friends and though there were some regretful things, I think I started to like this magical thing called "friendship" okay?

2. Stop worrying about shitty things. 
You knose horrible moments/days/weeks where you just want to forget everything and cuddle in the bed in the fluffiest warm blanket with the biggest teddy bear you can find and cup of hot tea? 
Yep I mean those. I can lively remember those days when I was silently crying in the bed because fuck you all and thought that nothing could be worse than this stupid shit what is happening to me at that moment. Actuallly, it's pretty hard to fullfill this resolution. But I'm trying, because, what good does it bring to you when you spend like xxxx time worrying/being depressed about worthless things.

3. Don't trust so easily and never just rely on few people. 
No, I'm not talking to some children about being careful to some pedo behind a every corner on the earth, but to myself. I was hurted a lot by trusting some people too much and I got burn. I think it's worthy experience because unless you will experience it, you won't believe me. After xxxx year I realized how much stupid and manipulable I am and now I'm trying to be careful about that. It helped me a lot when I started to meet new people which actually helped me to realize I was naive about lot of things. 

Ok I think I was pretty much serious about these things and just not to being here dead boring serious here are few other resolution I really wish I could fullfill LOL. 

4. Grow long hair. 
I cut them about half year ago to shoulder length and I was regretting it the whole time. So now I will to grow them back to at least 3/4 of my back because watching girls with beautiful healthy long hair makes me jealous and sad LOL. 

5. Be less hobo like. 
I think it's good time for the change. I'm "big girl" now so why not ok.

6. Try to buy everything on my wishlist. 
I think this should be more like "Love myself" resolution, because if I would fullfill it then I would REALLY love myself or just unexpectly get ridiculously rich. Not sure what is more realistic there.

Well yeah, that's pretty much what I wanted to say. I didn't think that this post will be that length-y *no regret* I was writing this all while watching Vampire Diaries with my friends and I don't even regret it because it's not really my cup of tea. (hardcore sherlockian posh face) *and testing mobile blogger app, so I'm pretty much curious how this post will look end up. 

To not make this post as boring as it really is, here's my first (chinese) year selca. I hope you got a lot of red envelopes, because receiving them is my the most loved activity during celebration period c_c 

Don't forget to say thank you after receiving them. Or 新年快乐 before even receiving them or you should burn in hell. I've seen little kids who just snapped them even without saying 恭喜发财 and I'm pretty sure their parents were regretting they didn't stuffed blank paper in the hóng bão instead. 
Gōng hè xīn xǐ xoxo. 

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  1. You are so beautiful girl. Looking forward to your next post :)

    xoxo, Mango ❤