Sunday, 11 May 2014

[1] /// what's happening with my life now

I've been really inactive for a really long time. REALLY.

It's not that I was that busy or anything, I just didn't feel like writing. 
I've never considered myself a "blogger" or anything, and basically was doing this just for fun. 

So yeah, I kind of lost interest in this kind of thing and now I'm trying to catch up with this. It wouldn't hurt to update this blog once in a while. 

This year is a big turn for me, it's probably the most influental year in my life. 

I've met a lot of different, interesting people, a lot of things has changed and me too. 

As you can probably say from my instagram I even managed to find myself a boyfriend. You can't even say how glad I am, (no more forever alone years) though he probably can't save me from my problems, but can make their weight a little bit lighter.  
I just wanted to update my blog a little bit so you know I'm not dead yet.